Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Foal had a good night and is making great progress, she will be moved out of 24 hour care and hopefully will make a full recovery. Which is great news and a lot less worry for us all.

It's too wet to turn the young foals out so they are getting very fresh and lively in their boxes especially the Kyllachy colt who tried to jump on Joanna last night as she was doing the late feed.

Ponte De Rosa worked very well yesterday and will go to Newmarket next month during the Craven Meeting. Yemeni Princess is back in full training and will run back end of April. Al Sirat is also due to run then so it could be a busy month for runners.

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jo_akadizzy said...

I think the colt has decided that rearing is a good game to play. As i left the box he decided to come charging across the box as if to say you are not alowed to leave.