Friday, April 30, 2010

Squire Trewlawny home after cutting his leg, just before he was about to have his first run. Still waiting on our last mare to foal. Lisathedaddy stood on her foal cutting his leg open which has needed careful stitching by our vet. He was allowed out for the first time yesterday after 3 weeks and went beserk. Looks like the foals will be in over the weekend as bad weather approaches. Our foal which had jaundice will have his blood test on Wednesday to see if he can go out with the other foals, we wait with anticipation.

Al Sirat did not run great on Sunday but we are sure will make amends next time as we have excuses (Plenty).

Yemeni Princess runs on Monday at Chepstow and we are looking for  BIG run from her.

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